The mistress became attracted to one thing of the driver, then became his bride; watch video

Pakistan’s Fatima married her driver. In an interview given to a YouTube channel, both of them spoke openly about their love story. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Mistress fell in love with the driver, got married

Image Credit source: YouTube/Syed Basit Ali

Love is a beautiful feeling. No one insists on this. Can’t tell when and to whom it will happen. This love thing is such that neither caste nor religion sees it. People are ready to put everything at stake just to get their love. something like that Pakistan Got to see in. a mistress here in love with the driver happened. Then Izhar-e-Pyaar happened and both of them got married. their love story Also very interesting.

According to the information, Fatima of Pakistan got married to the driver. Fatima was so impressed by the caring nature of her driver that she decided to make him her life partner. In an interview given to a YouTube channel, Fatima and her husband have spoken openly about their love story.

And this is how the eyes became four

This unique love story started when Fatima’s father started falling ill. Fatima says, ‘My husband (then driver) used to take great care of my father. I died because of his nature. Then when the eyes became four, I did not even know. Fatima told that her father passed away after a long illness. After this she went into depression. But then the driver took great care of Fatima. He looked after them like a member of the family. The owner liked this style of the driver. Fatima says- ‘There is a big difference between wealth and feeling. One can live without wealth, but not without feeling.

The first driver had expressed

However, love was first expressed by the driver. The person says that even though he had nothing in his mind about Fatima, but when he realized that Fatima loves him in her heart, he expressed his love by showing courage. During the interview, when Fatima’s husband was asked which song he would like to dedicate to her, the man hummed the song ‘Intaha Ho Gayi Intezaar Ki…’ from the 1984 Bollywood film Sharabi.

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