The man was having fun with the lion, suddenly the ‘king of the jungle’ attacked-VIDEO

A video is becoming very viral on social media. In this, a person is seen having fun with a domesticated lion. But the very next moment something happens, seeing which you will also be shocked.

The man was having fun with the lion, suddenly the ‘king of the jungle’ attacked

Image Credit source: Instagram/earth.reel

In today’s time, most people like to keep dogs and cats in their homes. But there are some people who have started rearing ferocious wild animals as well. Such animals, whose care and having fun with them is like inviting death. At present, social media But some such video has come to the fore, seeing which people have screamed. Actually, viral clip in house-reared Lion seems to be playing with. But the very next moment something happens in the video, seeing which you too will be shocked.

In the video going viral, you can see that a man tries to have fun with a chained lion in the courtyard of the house. It can be seen in the video that as soon as the person tries to touch the lion, the ‘king of the jungle’ immediately charges up and attacks the man. During this the condition of the person is worth seeing. He gets scared as if he has seen Yamraj. You can see that the lion grabs the man’s leg. After this, the whistle-blow of the person gets lost. Whatever happens after that, you yourself see in this video.

See here, when the lion attacked the man

This video of the lion attack has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an account named earth.reel. Hundreds of likes have come on the video so far, while many people have registered their reactions.

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One user has written, this is not a dog, who has chained it like a leash. At the same time, the user says, the lion is not attacking him, he just wants to play with him like a cat. Commenting on another user wrote, what else can be expected from a wild animal. Well celebrate that you are alive. Another user has written, playing with lions like this is the height of stupidity.

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