The man surprised everyone by defeating gravity! People getting confused watching the video

Seeing this video of the person, the public of social media is getting confused that what is the secret behind it. How is this guy able to do this? However, the answer is also hidden in the video itself.

People are getting confused badly by watching this video

Image Credit source: Twitter

Sometimes such videos are also uploaded on the Internet, which hard to believe eyes It happens. For the time being, a video of man Has caught the attention of the netizens, seeing that it seems that the banda is seen sitting above the surface of the water in the river. Yes, you read it absolutely right. Not only this, he is also moving fast while sitting. now this Video Seeing the public of social media Confuse It has become that what is the secret behind it. How is this guy able to do this? Well, we will tell you more about this. But one thing is certain that your mind will also be baffled by watching this video.

In the beginning of the video going viral on social media, a man can be seen sitting on the surface of the water in the river. This person is moving forward at high speed on the river while sitting with pleasure while taking a puff of cigarette. There is also a net in the hand of the fellow, from which it seems that he might want to catch fish. But the way this fellow is moving forward while beating gravity while sitting on the water, it is very surprising. After that he starts running. Then he also catches fish from the net. The public of the Internet is getting shocked after seeing this video.

Watch the video of the man sitting on the surface of the water in the river here

This very confusing video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an account named Confusing Perspective. The user wrote in the caption, ‘Look how fast it is going.’ This video, uploaded a few hours ago, has been viewed more than 97 thousand times so far, while the video has been liked by more than two and a half thousand people. Apart from this, people are also sharing the video fiercely. However, this video has badly confused the netizens. By the way, let us tell you that the person is sitting in his place. But the way the video has been shot, it seems that he is moving forward sitting in the strong current of water.

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