The man showed a wonderful stunt by balancing the cycle on the stairs and the can, people watching the video said – this is the real ‘Khatron Ka Khiladi’

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Whenever a video of a professional stuntman comes out on social media, people are surprised after seeing it. These days too, a video of a similar stuntman has surfaced in which you will be stunned to see his balance.

More than one video of stunts are seen on social media. By the way, people of today go to any extent to become famous. Sometimes people put their lives on the line. However, doing stunts was not that easy. For this you need a lot of training. This is the reason that when a trained stuntman performs a stunt, the world keeps watching him. A similar stuntman these days Video has come to the fore. In which the person has balanced his cycle with great beauty.

In the video you can see that a man is seen cycling inside the house with pleasure. He shows such amazing feats with his bicycle. Seeing this, you will also say the same thing – in reality this is the player of dangers.

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In the video that is going viral, it can be seen that a man is showing the feat while cycling inside the house with pleasure. First, he balances his bicycle upside down on the stairs of the house. After this he comes by bicycle to the drawing room and after that he takes the bicycle over the sofa and then shows his balancing skills on the thin line made of Red Bull bottles. He then performs stunts over tea pots, then slides over the washing machine and jumps over the wooden box outside the house to show the stunt on the trampoline and then there.

This 42-second video has been shared on Twitter by a user named Morissa Schwartz (Dr. Rissy). Which has got more than 80 thousand views till the time of writing the news. One user wrote, “The person must have worked hard for years to perform this stunt. On the other hand, another user wrote, if a person makes a slight mistake here, then the injury could have been terrible. While another user has called it a wonderful talent. Apart from this, many other users have shared their reaction by commenting on this video.

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