The man ran after the lion with a cane, then he would be shocked to see what happened – VIDEO

A very shocking video of Babbar Lion has gone viral on social media. In this, a man is seen running after the lion with a cane. You too will be stunned to see what happens the next moment in the video.

Shocking video of lion surfaced

Image Credit source: Instagram/one_earth__one_life

social media Feather Lion A video of this has surfaced, seeing which people are stunned. Oh brother, why not even now? Because the lion whose roar makes the whole forest tremble, if a man scares him like a cow and buffalo by showing a cane, then what will you say? Yes, you read it absolutely right. believe me, this Video After watching this, you will also be forced to scratch your head because this video is not of any circus, but of the forest.

This clip, which is going viral, is of few seconds, but seeing it, everyone has got into thinking. You have hardly seen any such video related to lion. In the clip going viral, you can see that a man tries to scare and drive away the Babbar lion with the help of a cane. Surprisingly, instead of tearing it apart, the lion runs away in fear of it. This video is really surprising. It can be seen in the clip that seeing the cane, Babbar the lion gets so frightened that he immediately starts running from there. So you also watch this amazing video.

Watch in the video, when the lion started running away from the fellow

This very shocking video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an account named one_earth__one_life. The user has written in the caption, Oh Teri. This video, shared on November 1, has been liked by more than 12.5 thousand people so far. At the same time, many people have also commented.

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Commenting on a user, this guy is trying to play with death. At the same time, another user says, lions are like this too, it was found out today. Another user has written while commenting, it is good that the lion was not hungry or else the young man would have been chewed along with the stick.

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