The man had to play hard with the chicks, the mother swan taught such a lesson that the grandmother remembered!

In the video going viral, it can be seen how the mother swan becomes aggressive when the children are exposed to heat. After this, she keeps running on the road till the person who harasses the children is taught a lesson.

Man taught a lesson by mother swan

Image Credit source: Twitter/@UOldguy

No matter how strong one is, he cannot win against a mother when she is trying to protect her children. Then whether it is human, animal or bird… this thing applies to everyone. now a bit social media going viral on Video Just look at It can be seen in this that when there is a fire on the children, then how the mother Swan becomes aggressive. She keeps running on the road till she teaches a lesson to the person who harasses the children.

The viral video begins with a pair of swans crossing the road with children. Meanwhile, a man wearing a pink sweater comes there and tries to play with the swans. Seeing this, mother swan feels that the person can harm her children. Then what was there. She becomes so aggressive that she starts making the person run here and there on the road. During this, she also attacks the person several times with her beak. It can be seen in the video that the person gets tired while running, but the mother swan manages to teach him a lesson. We are sure that now this man will never tease any swan’s chicks.

watch video here

This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an account named @UOldguy. The user has written in the caption, don’t mess with someone’s children. Otherwise… this clip of 21 seconds is becoming increasingly viral. Thousands of views have come on the video so far. At the same time, many people have given their feedback.

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A user has written, now this person will not do this to anyone’s children. On the other hand, the other says, as if the mother swan is saying to the man – stay away from my child. Overall, people are liking this video a lot. At the same time, many people are laughing at the condition of the man.

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