The man gave water to the giant snake with his chullu, you will be surprised to see the viral video

In the video, a man is seen giving water to a snake bigger than his chullu. This video is creating panic in the world of social media. After watching this video, the senses of the users were blown away. Some have called it madness.

snake seen drinking water from chullu

Snake (Snake) Whether small or big, people’s condition worsens on seeing him. In such a situation, what if you suddenly come across a terrible snake? Obviously, your air will get tight. To save yourself from the snake, you will start running here and there. But these days in the ‘world of social media’ such a video related to snake is viral.Viral Video) is happening, after seeing which one’s heartbeat increases. In the video, a man is seen giving water to a snake, that too in his chullu. Yes, this person is feeding the snake by filling water in his chullu. After watching this video, the senses of social media users were blown away.

In the video that is going viral, you can see that a person in the house has placed a pot on top of a plate, which is filled with water. While a big snake is visible in his hand. This person is seen giving water to this snake with his chullu. Some are surprised to see this video, some have called the person crazy after watching it. In the video you can see how terrible the snake looks. However, the snake does not attack the person while swallowing the water from the chullu.

snake seen drinking water from chullu

This view is really astonishing. Because snake is a poisonous creature. If it bites someone, then he can also die. This is the reason why even humans change their path from dread to dreaded animals after seeing snakes. But the way this person is seen fearlessly giving him water with a chullu, everyone is surprised after seeing him.

This very surprising video of the snake has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the account snakes.empire. This video was uploaded on Instagram on 8 January. Since then, more than 2 lakh 13 thousand people have liked it. This number is continuously increasing. Social media users are enjoying this video a lot. However, some users have also termed it as insanity.

One user commented and wrote, ‘Is this person an idiot, snakes can never be friends of humans and he is giving him water in the chullu.’ At the same time, another user has written while commenting, ‘Will tell about it in the next video that it is no longer there.’ Another user says that while drinking water, even poisonous snakes look very beautiful.

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