The hoteliers played a jugaad with the middle class family to cool the room, people said – this is amazing innovation

A hotelier’s jugaad is going viral on social media these days. Where he made such a jugaad to cool two rooms with an AC that people were surprised and the matter became a topic of discussion on the internet.

Hotel’s unique jugaad

From making work easier to saving time, Jugaad fits everywhere. Not only this, when a commodity is very expensive, then a person can juggle it and make his own money. money and in this case we Indians No one is a better expert than you. We run our brains at such a speed that our work is also done and no one even needs to spend much money and brains on us for this. Now look at this jugaad that has come to the fore. Which has been seated so accurately that you too jugaadbaaz Will not get tired of praising.

The case going viral is of a hotel in Mumbai. In which the jugaad of splitting AC between two rooms is worth seeing. For this, a hole is made in the wall between the two rooms and AC is fitted in it. Half of the air goes to one room from the AC and the other half to the other room. People have fun on this tweet. They are saying that this happens only in India where less resources are used more.

see picture here

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This picture has been shared on Twitter by a Twitter user named Anurag Verma. With which he wrote the caption, ‘Booked this room in Mumbai in the year 2011, where the manager had promised split AC and he was also present there.’ But it was divided between two rooms. When this picture became a topic of discussion among people on the Internet, people started making funny comments about it.

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