The groom showered love on her mother-in-law, then thus won the heart of the bride – watch video

A video of the bride and groom is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. In the video, the groom first showers love on his mother-in-law and then tells such a thing to his bride that he also wins the gathering there.

Groom showers love on mother-in-law

The bride and groom during the wedding (Bride Groom) remain the subject of discussion. Videos of wedding and bride and groom’s cute moments on the internet keep going viral. Anyway, the wedding season is going on right now. So social media (Social Media) But there has been a flood of content related to it. It would not be wrong to say that people like to watch content related to brides and grooms on social media with great enthusiasm. This is the reason that whenever a video related to the bride and groom is shared on this platform, it is immediately viral Happens too. In this video, the groom can be seen expressing love to his mother-in-law.

It is often seen that the groom respects his mother-in-law as much as his parents. This video is really being liked by everyone, together people are showering a lot of love with their likes and comments. It can be seen in the video that when the groom is sitting with his bride, only then his relatives and relatives surround him. During this, the people present there were seen laughing and playing. When this joke was going on, the groom’s mother-in-law is also present there and the verses ceremony takes place.

Groom showers love on mother-in-law

It can be seen further in the video that during this ritual the groom speaks some poetry about his bride, but before that the groom is seen showering love on his mother-in-law. In which he says- Mother-in-law, my best regards to you. Hearing this, everyone jumped with joy, as well as the bride sitting next to him also started clapping.

Then the groom’s mother-in-law has handed over the omen’s envelope to the groom. After some time the groom spoke poetry for his wife. The groom said in his poetry- ‘Kiwi in front of verses cooked verses cooked verses, I find my wife the most beloved in the world.’ On hearing this, the bride blushes and then smiles. Let us tell you that social media users are liking this video so much that they are sharing it on other platforms.

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