The government is the biggest landlord of the country, 9 cities as big as Delhi can settle with this much land

The government is the biggest landlord of the country.

Do you know who has the most land in the country? Guess what, let us tell you. The government is the biggest landlord of the country. The government has so much land that it can set up nine cities as big as Delhi.

Do you know that most of the land in the country (Land) Who have? Guess what, let us tell you. The government is the biggest landlord of the country (Landlord), You must be thinking that the land will be the government (Government) Near. What is the big deal. But, if we tell you that the government has so much land that it ,Delhi, As many big cities as you can build, your eyes will be torn apart. Yes, government ownership has spread everywhere from the city to the villages. A major part of these lands is in the hands of public sector companies. These companies have valuable and prime land in big cities. Now what is the matter that all the part of these realty assets is lying idle or unused like this.

Companies are not able to use them. That’s why now the government is looking to raise money by selling its lands. For this, a National Land Monetization Company ie NLMC has also been formed. The NLMC will have a 13-member board, consisting of professionals from the government and private sectors.

Identification of 3,479 acres of land for sale

3,479 acres of land and buildings of 9 government companies have also been identified for the first phase of sale. A total of 17 properties of BSNL and MTNL have been identified, which will be sold to raise Rs 23,358 crore. Actually, the plan to sell these lands was going on in the mind of the government for a long time. For the last few years, information on land was also being collected.

41 ministries and 22 PSUs have already given information about their land assets to the government. According to this, the government has 13,505 square kilometers of land. This figure can be bigger when full information comes. According to the current information, in the amount of land that the government has, now 9 cities like Delhi can be set up.

The area of ​​Delhi is 1483 square kilometer. The Defense Ministry is the richest in terms of land. It has a total of seventeen lakh fifty four thousand acres of land. Out of this, 16 lakh acres of land is outside the cantonments. A CAG report in 2011 states that more than 81,000 acres of land belonging to the Defense Ministry are lying idle. Now take the railway. Indian Railways has about one million forty five thousand hectares of land.

Out of this, 378,000 hectares of land has been or is proposed to be used for railway operation. There is 43,000 hectares of land which has been considered as waste. This land itself is worth 40 billion dollars. Such is the Airport Authority of India. It has 20,400 hectares of land. These lands are near the airport…now understand how valuable it will be.

The 13 major port trusts of the country also own more than 250,000 acres of land. These lands are around major ports and are lying idle.

Major Port’s Landholdings

Major Port Land Holdings in Acre
Paradip 534
New Mangalore 2,928
Visakhapatnam 587
Mormugao 6,382
Ennore 1,047
Jawaharlal Nehru 7,576
Mumbai 1,859
Kolkata 3,000
Chennai 2,035
Haldia (Part of Kolkata Port Trust) 7,000
Tuticorin 2,132
Kandla 220,416
Cochin 2,353
Total (approx.) 257,000

Land banks with various ministries

Mantralaya Land Holdings in
Railway 2929.6
coal 2580.92
Energy 1806.69
Heavy Industries 1209.49
shipping 1146
steel 608.02
Agriculture 589.07
Ministry of Home Affairs 443.12
HRD 409.43
Defense 383.62 (Partial Information)

So the thing is that even though the programming of the government’s disinvestment is not being implemented. But, now he has made a solid plan of earning by selling the land.

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