The elephant was seen eating golgappas on the handcart like this, seeing the VIDEO, the public said – So cute!

A very funny video has surfaced on social media, in which an elephant is seen having fun eating golgappa. People are liking this video a lot and they like to watch it again and again.

Elephant eating golgappa with pleasure on the handcart

Image Credit source: Twitter

Panipuri or golgappas Who doesn’t like food? On hearing its name, water comes in the mouth of many. Especially girls are crazy about it. but have you seen any animal Pani puri Enjoying it, that too on the roadside street vendors just like humans? We know your answer will be no. For now, on social media elephant One such video of the film has caught the attention of the people, seeing which people are stunned. viral clip In this ‘Gajraj’ can be seen pressing several golgappas one after the other.

Gajraj, who is fond of bananas and sugarcane, also likes golgappas, you will also get to see this today. This video going viral on social media is from Tezpur in Assam. In which you can see the elephant eating many panipuri one after the other. The elephant is standing near the roadside street vendor and see how Danadan Golgappa is being pressed. It can be seen in the video that the brothers of Panipuri keep Golgappa in the trunk of an elephant and then Gajraj is eating it with a chatkhare. So let’s watch this funny video.

Watch the video of elephant eating golgappa here

We are sure that after watching this video of elephant pressing Golgappa, your mouth must have watered. This video is now being shared rapidly on different platforms of social media. Sharing the video on Twitter with the handle @kksomasekhar, the user wrote, Looking cute. At the same time, many people are registering their reactions on the video.

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Seeing the elephant eating panipuri like this is very fun in itself. Looking at the speed with which he is eating Panipuri, it seems that Gajraj has liked Golgappa very much. How did you like this video, do tell us by commenting on our Facebook page. We will keep bringing such funny videos for you.

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