The demand for coal will increase with the increase in electricity demand, estimated to reach 150 million tonnes by 2040

demand for coal will increase

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By 2040, the estimated electricity generation in the country will be about 3000 billion units, for this the demand for coal used in power plants will also increase to 150 million tonnes.

Despite the constant emphasis on eco-friendly energy, the country’s coal ,coal) is expected to continue to grow. Coal Minister Pralhad Joshi said on Saturday that the country’s energy demand (electricity demand) thermal coal requirement in the next 18 years will be around 150 million tonnes, which is currently at half its level. According to estimates, the demand for electricity will also double by 2040. The Coal Minister said that there is a need to be aware about the environment and keep the mining goals in mind. The government is currently increasing its emphasis on renewable energy to meet the energy requirement. In the policies of the government, a lot of focus is being given on solar energy and hydroelectric energy. However, with the increasing economic pace, the demand for electricity in the country is also increasing very fast. The impact of which is visible on the consumption of coal

Electricity demand will double in 18 years

The Union Minister said that by 2040, the estimated electricity generation in the country will be around 3000 billion units, by then India’s energy demand will double. To meet this demand, the demand for thermal coal will also increase to about 150 million tonnes by 2040. He said that although better efforts are being made to balance the reliance on coal and lignite with the development of renewable energy, the expansion of green energy will be gradual. The Union Minister said that India has a balanced energy mix of energy options and with the help of this, the country is successfully moving forward in the direction of increasing energy sources that benefit the environment.

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Coal crisis in the country due to increasing demand

In October last year and in April-May this year, there was a shortage of coal in many parts of the country, which has affected production in many power plants. This year, due to the early start of summer, there was a sharp jump in the demand for electricity in the country. Due to which there was a shortage of coal in many power plants. Now the government is preparing to import 12 million tonnes of coal to fix the supply of coal. For this, indications have also been given to Coal India, if this happens, then for the first time after 2015, Coal India will buy coal from outside. It is clear that the need of coal for the country is increasing continuously.

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