The boy immediately got the ‘fruits of deeds’ from the animal, watching the video, people wrote – this is called karma

Sushant Nanda has shared this funny video on his Twitter account and has written in the caption – Karma. Let us tell you that this video is finding everyone very funny.

it is called the fruit of karma

All of you must have heard a saying that ‘Do your work, don’t desire for the fruit’. It is often said that every person gets the fruits of karma one day or the other. Since man does both good and bad deeds and he has to suffer the consequences of bad deeds. Be it late or early morning, everyone has to bear the consequences of bad deeds. Although sometimes people get the fruits of their bad deeds immediately (Instant Karma) is found. Now there are many videos on the internet about Karma, which come as soon as they come. viral ,Viral Videos) become. Now a funny video has come out in this episode which is really funny. In this video a boy immediately gets the fruits of his deeds.

You must have heard that harassing someone means hitting an ax on your own leg. A similar scene is seen in the video going viral. In the video you can see that the road is visible, on which many people are engaged in their work, as well as some people are moving from that road. In the video you can see that a camel is also seen coming out on the road.

It is called the fruit of actions, watch the video-

Let us tell you that a camel is coming out of that road, while a boy goes to the other side from it. As soon as he crosses from the camel, then the boy tries to pull the camel’s leg by touching it. But in such a time, that camel kicks the boy with the same leg. And the boy goes away and falls with a bang. Let us tell all of you that this video is really the right example of Karma. Let us tell you all, people are finding this video really funny, together people are sharing a lot of reaction through their likes and comments.

This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter account. You can watch all the videos on the page of Susanta Nanda IFS. Sharing the video, he wrote in the caption – Karma. Talking about people’s reactions, a user wrote – This is Karma. Another user wrote – After all, why do people bother by teasing the voiceless? So far more than thousands of views have been received on this video, while hundreds of people have also liked the video.

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