The boy did a breath taking stunt, you will be surprised to see the viral video

Stunts are not a child’s play. It takes a lot of practice to do any kind of stunt, then somewhere perfection comes in it. Now a video has surfaced in this episode, seeing which everyone is surprised.

Stunt video going viral

Stunts are not a child’s play. It takes a lot of practice to do any kind of stunt, then somewhere perfection comes in it. If there is a slight mistake, then that stunt is sure to fail and at the same time there is injury, so different. Nowadays the trend of cycling stunts has increased a lot all over the world. Especially among the youth, its craze is seen a little more. By the way, videos of stunts often go viral on social media, some of which are absolutely perfect and some stunts also fail. One such video is becoming very viral on social media nowadays, in which a boy is seen doing stunts. Let us tell you that everyone is surprised to see this stunt video of the boy.

In the video you can see that a man is visible on the roof. Then after a few moments, he climbs on the edge of the roof and then goes to the other side of the roof, hitting Gulati. It is further shown in the video that the other side gap is visible. After watching this video, everyone is saying that this person narrowly escaped.

This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram. You can see all the videos on parkour_tribe’s page. This video is surprising everyone, together people are sharing their reactions through their comments. If you are active on social media, then you must have seen more than one stunt videos. But such a dangerous stunt is being seen for the first time. After watching this video, some users are also saying that during such dangerous stunts, people’s lives are lost.

Talking about the reactions of people on the video, a user commented and wrote – It is called losing consciousness in passion, although this person has survived. Another user wrote, ‘This is just like inviting death’. One user says, ‘These people do not think about their parents before doing this’. Apart from this, many other users have shared their reaction by commenting on this video.

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