The anniversary of the lockdown came, Gullu-Gupta fought

Gullu is sitting at Ramu’s lassi shop. Then Gullu said – Man Ramu, know what date is today. Ramu said that today is March 24. Gullu again said that you know that two years ago, on this day, the PM had imposed a nationwide lockdown.

Two years ago, on this day itself, a nationwide lockdown was imposed by the PM.

Gullu is sitting at Ramu’s lassi shop. Then Gullu said – Man Ramu, know what date is today. Ramu said that today is March 24. Gullu again said that you know two years ago on this day PM ,PM Modi, nationwide lockdown (Covid-19 Lockdown) was imposed. After this Ramu said that oh yes… you are right. Gullu replied and said that yes, I had to run to my village with all my belongings. hit on business (Lockdown Effect) I haven’t recovered from it till now. Then, Ramu said that I had gone on foot to my village. Gullu then told that his brother had also gone on foot. He further said that Ramu, I am thinking that I should put a cart next to you. Then, Ramu asked that well you will kill my business. Let’s read the funny conversation of these two.

Gullu: Oh no..I will set up a chaat cart…my brother will be engaged in washing dishes and doing other work.

Ramu: Well then Guru… your chaat, my lassi…the right pair will sit. But, set aside money to give a week to the police. It’s been a double week since Corona.

The talk was going on now that Gupta ji reached to pick up the cycle. After Holi, Gupta ji was in a new color.

Gullu: Come on Gupta. Happy second anniversary of lockdown.

Gupta ji: You too.

Gullu: You then sold a lot of goods from home and that too at expensive prices. You got an opportunity in a disaster.

Gupta: My happiness is not seen from you guys.

Gullu: Oh nothing like that. Our backbone of earning and business has been broken. It has been two years, even today the business has not returned on track.

Gupta: So the government is also giving free ration for the last two years. 80 crore people are getting free ration. take you too

Gullu: Yes, please give me. I have become poor. But, the government is not ready to give the poor ration card.

Gupta: You are talking about work. Look at MNREGA, the government is spending Rs 1.11 lakh crore in 2020-21, Rs 98,000 crore in 2021-22 and Rs 73000 crore for 2022-23. Think how many people are getting employment. How much are people earning?

Gullu: Wah Gupta. where are your feet Two years ago, those who were working in companies, factories in the city, returned to the village and did not come back till today. These same people are working in MNREGA. You talk in reverse, man.

Gupta: Hey, lots of jobs are coming out. From where is the public paying so much tax, brother? In 2021-22, the direct tax collection has increased by 48 percent to more than Rs 13 lakh 63 thousand crore. Where is this money coming from Gullu?

Gullu: It is like this, look at the unemployment figures. The unemployment rate is running at 8-9%. Brother, in which world do you live? Factories closed. The laborer who returned to the village 2 years ago, has not got a job in the city till date. The economy of Lanka is engaged.

Gupta: It is like this, don’t give me the knowledge of economy. I have more understanding than you. Look at the stock market…how is the day running. People got rich in this. There is a flurry of startups becoming unicorns. See, someday your Ramu’s tapri will also become a unicorn…

Gullu: These startups have set the slit of investors in the market. You too have lost your money, Gupta ji. Their shares came at the cost of a penny.

Ramu: It is like this Gupta ji, don’t make fun of me. I am already full. Used to make tea, then made milk expensive. Electricity is so expensive that the fan is not working.

Gupta: That’s why your lassi smells of sweat, Ramu. Don’t make me drink again.

Gullu: Gupta ji don’t mess with Ramu. Will be killed He bathes everyday but, soap and oil have become so expensive. The price of everything is sky high. Inflation is killing from one side and government from other side.

Gupta: Oh, if the government is taking money, it is also giving facilities. Looking at the roads

Gullu: Hey government, it is taking GST too. Income tax too…then taking toll too. Made a road for us and you are taking money from us too…hey leave it somewhere brother.

Gupta ji: Now you have to pay toll, brother. But, it will not tell that there are no lines at the toll anymore. Money is deducted from FASTag from Dadaak.

Gullu: Yes and if there is no money in FASTag, then the government also charges double the toll. Wow convenience.

Gupta: You have changed. That’s why your eyes are closed. Hey, if the highway is built, then the time of movement is also saved and oil is also being saved from it. So even by paying toll you are saving Gullu.

Gullu: Yes, your government is great. Only then did not increase the price of oil till the elections were held and the election ended here, and there the speed meter was turned on.

Gupta: Yes, Russia has invaded Ukraine, so is it the fault of its government? Thank you, the government gave relief for so many days. When should the price have gone up?

Gullu: Yes, that’s why you are carrying the cycle again. Have you sold your scooter?

Gupta: Aim… hey he has started cycling to reduce some fat. It has nothing to do with the price of oil.

Gullu: The government charges so much tax on oil, so why did it end the subsidy on cylinders? In the last 3 years, the government has earned more than 8 lakh crores from oil. This government cannot even give subsidy to the poor.

Ramu: In this affair, I stopped making tea. Now I make lassi by hand.

Gupta: Ramu, nowadays you have started taking the side of Bada Gullu.

Gullu: Gupta, you know what the philosophy of the government is.

Gupta: Tell me what is it. You are Karamchand.

Gullu: Yes, listen – don’t let money remain in common man’s pocket. That’s all.. this is the thinking of the government.

Gupta: So that means nothing happened in the last two years. The government did nothing. You didn’t get anything. Tell me this

Gullu: Yes, it has happened, isn’t it? Two years ago there was thali and clap beats. Now banging his head.

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