Terrible accident! Ferrari car split into two pieces, the driver jumped and fell; death on the spot

Pictures of a terrible accident are becoming very viral on social media. How terrible this accident was, you can guess from the fact that Ferrari, one of the world’s most expensive cars, also got tested in this. It split into two pieces.

Ferrari blown up in a terrible collision of three cars

Image Credit source: Youtube/ONSCENE TV

road accident So they keep happening all over the world, but many such accidents happen, which are soul-shattering. Photos of such a terrible accident social media But it is becoming very viral. How terrible this accident was, you can guess from the fact that it involved one of the world’s most expensive cars. fugitive Even the tests flew away. It split into two pieces. Not only this, as soon as the accident happened, the driver of Ferrari jumped and fell away, due to which he died on the spot. heart-wrenching road accident America K is from California.

According to the report of Daily Mail, the red colored Ferrari was being driven by a 71-year-old man named Robert Nicoletti. He was going somewhere, during which his car collided badly with two cars near Santiago Canon. Now as soon as three vehicles collided together, Robert jumped out of his Ferrari and fell on the road and died on the spot. At the same time, the drivers of other vehicles have also suffered serious injuries in this accident. The surprising thing is that after the accident, the Ferrari broke into pieces.

died due to speed

This incident is being told of last Friday. The police suspect that Robert would be drunk at the time of the accident and also the speed of his Ferrari would be high. Perhaps he had increased the speed of his Ferrari to overtake a Tesla car and in the process he met with an accident and lost his life.

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Ferrari became junk in one stroke

In the picture you can see what is the condition of Ferrari. How it is lying scattered in pieces on the road. By the way, Ferrari is generally considered to be one of the safest vehicles in the world, but after seeing this accident, people might not believe how this could happen. In this terrible accident, not only Ferrari but the condition of other vehicles is also bad.

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