Tech Tips: Cleaning Smart Tv should not be expensive, these 3 mistakes will spoil the screen

TV Cleaning Tips: Whether there is a smart TV in the house or any normal TV model, dust or fingerprints are very common. But if you are also making these 3 mistakes while cleaning the TV screen, then stop them today.

TV Cleaning Tips: Don’t Make These Mistakes Even By Forgetting (Symbolic Picture)

TV Cleaning Tips: Whether it is Smart TV or any normal TV, dust and soil or fingerprints are printed on the screen and if you also clean the TV like other appliances present in the house, then just wait. The screen of the TV is very delicate, so it is very important to be aware of some important things before cleaning the screen. Today in this article we are going to tell you about 3 such things which will help you. TV screen Do not have to do it while cleaning, if you do this then your screen may also get damaged.

Do not use these things to clean the screen

Most of the LCD, LED, OLED TV models are very sensitive and get scratched quite easily. If you are also thinking of cleaning the screen with a tissue or a towel, then do not make such a mistake by mistake because the fibers present in the tissue and towel can also damage your screen. It is recommended that you use a microfiber cloth to clean your TV screen. This cloth is capable of removing fingerprints and dirt lying on the TV screen without damaging the screen.

Keep this in mind while rubbing the TV screen

The TV screen is very delicate and the risk of screen damage increases if it is cleaned by applying pressure or pressure. That is why it is advised that you clean the screen of the phone with light hands.

This mistake will be heavy regarding the cleaning solution

One thing always you guys have to keep in mind that never spray any cleaning solution directly on the TV screen. Always apply the spray on a lint free cloth or microfiber cloth first and then clean the screen with light hands. If you put the cleaning solution directly on the screen, then there is a high risk of getting black marks on your screen.

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