Chidambaram wanted to eat homemade food! The CBI made him to spent the night in a state of misery.

Former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram was arrested on night of August 21st. After his arrest, he spent the first night in CBI custody without eating. Because he wanted to eat homemade food, but it was not possible to allow him to eat at home unless the court allowed. And Chidambaram told that he won’t eat canteen food so he had to spend the night without eating. In addition, to this Chidambaram was not answering the CBI’s questions that day, CBI officials said.

It is reported that Chidambaram was silent all night. He just talked to the CBI and the doctors a little. Doctors asked him about his health and did a checkup, which was normal. Chidambaram was placed in Suite-5 on the ground floor and CBI officials are in charge of his protection. CCTV cameras have also been used to monitor Chidambaram is being monitored with security cameras that are placed in. Through these CCTVs Chidambaram is being monitored 25X7

The CBI asked him some important questions related to the corruption case. He was also questioned about foreign companies and payment methods. It is reported that the CBI has written to the three countries in this regard and has asked for information about the transaction. P Chidambaram was asked about his meeting with Peter Mukherjee and Indrani Mukherjee in the North Block, but Chidambaram completely refused to meet the two.

In addition, CBI asks Chidambaram some more important questions, such as Chase Management Company and Advantage and Asbridge Company. Apart from these, questions were also asked about the companies of Karti Chidambaram. And he was also asked about Bhaskar Raman, whether Chidambaram knew him. The CBI also asks him why does Chidambaram’s son of INX Media has paid billions in installments to his son’s company, etc. However, one of the important points is that the Delhi High Court did not grant Chidambaram advance bail. But even then his lawyers went to the Supreme Court.

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