Muslims decided not to perform street prayers in a BJP-ruled state

Muslims decided not to perform street prayers in a BJP-ruled state

This time, the Muslim community of Ranchi has decided not to go down the street because of humanity. An established fundamentalist has appealed to people of his religion not to perform street prayers. One of the mosques, Maulana Ubaidullah, told reporters, “We have told people in our community not to pray in the streets because it is anti-Islam. Many people line the streets to pray, but this time it will be done inside the mosque. And for this the place will be built at the mosque premises. ”

Till this day, thousands of people used to come to Ranchi for prayers, especially for the Friday prayers. However, this Friday, a large number of Muslim communities have prayed inside the mosque alone, next to Ratan Talkies.

Maulana Ubdullah said, ‘The main road is the important road to the city. School buses, ambulances and important vehicles are there. There should be no prayers. It is against the Islam to make others difficult in the name of prayers. ” Everyone in Ranchi will welcome this decision.

Earlier, the Yogi Adityanath administration forbade prayers for the first time in the streets of Uttar Pradesh. The Yogi administration has made it clear that nothing can be done on the streets. Breaking this rule will result in appropriate punishment. Conversely, Friday prayers were organized by the Hindu organization on Tuesday to protest the reading of Aarti and Hanuman Chalisha in the streets. And after the program, the administration of the Yogi sat down. All religious activities were banned from the streets of Meerut.

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