After “Didi Ke bolo”, netizens come up with” Didi Ke Jharo”

After “Didi Ke bolo”, netizens come up with” Didi Ke Jharo”.

In the Cutmoney issue, the ruling party of the state government is in a troubling state. Then the Trinamool Congress started a web portal like the Strategic Pacific Teenage. People from across the state are asked to contact them about various problems of the state. The web portal is named ‘Didi Ke bolo”. People from across the state login to this site on the Trimamol website to submit their complaints. But there, the danger of mounting charges against the party are coming on the web site.

Even a Trimamol activist from Durgapur fell into danger by submitting a complaint against an MLA and councilor. He was rushed to the police station and beaten up. Then there was anger at the Trimamol insider with the ‘Didi ke bolo’ campaign. According to a report, the Trinamool’s ‘Didi Ke Bolo’ program has raised more allegations about the party. It is also known that the common people of the state did not show any favor on that web site.

When you visit the web site you can press the button on the side. There is a large letter ‘Fill out the form below to send a broom to our dear didi’. Even by logging in to that website you can send “Didi, Jai Sri Ram”. For this, you need to fill up a short form. To fill up that form, all you have to do is give your name, and write ‘Jai Sri Ram’. Then by pressing a button you can easily send ‘Jai Sri Ram’ to the side.

However, it is difficult to say who or what created this web site. But when you go to the web site, it is understood that the web site was done by the Bharatiya Janata Party. And they want to keep the net world afloat by running the ‘Didi Ke Jharo’ campaign. If you want to see that web site, click here.

Mamata opened “Didi ke bolo” but Bengal’s people damaged the call connection

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee started ”Didi Ke bolo” campaign a new way to say your Mann ki Baat To the minister.

After prime minister, Narendra Modi’s campaign “Mann ki Baat” to reach out to the people of the nation, the chief minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee comes with “didi Ke bolo” campaign where she targets to reach to the common people through new methods of communication.

On Monday chief minister Mamata Banerjee launched phone number and website to interact with the people of West Bengal. People can call at their number all post of Minions in the website lodge complaint give opinions and ask for help. after a meeting with the party, email is district and block president Mamata Banerjee launch the number at Nazrul Manch. She said in a bid to interact more with people of the state and hear their concerns I am announcing a dedicated Didi Ke bolo phone number 9137091370 and side by side opinions can also be posted at this Didi Ke Bolo website now they did not launch any didi ke bolo app.

But as it says that good planes need good pilots, “didi Ke bolo” face is initial glitches after a day of the grand launch. The managing team of didi Ke bolo said that pressure was upon everyone as everyone is trying to reach out to everyone who called but the call is a complaint that either call was waiting for was redirected to another on the reachable number. Didi Ke bolo official page said that more than 1 lakh people called over the last 24 hours. Currently more than 250 people are working under “didi ke bolo” campaign. within 24 hours over 50,000 people wrote their opinions on the digital platform of “didi ke bolo”. “Didi ke bolo” targets to reach to as many as 10,000 villagers through their parties 1,000 elected representatives and post-holders within the next 100 days.

“This reach out initiative will involve both traditional and modern methods of communication. We have created a digital platform whereby the public can contact us directly. It is not that it will be possible to solve all problems, but an effort will be made to tackle most of them. The party’s representatives and workers will simultaneously spread the ideas and ideals of the Trinamool Congress,” she added.

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