Swiggy people told why Monday is called Monday in Hindi? The matter went viral on social media

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One or the other issue remains in discussion among people every day on social media. In recent times too, an issue has been a topic of discussion among the people that why Monday is called Monday in Hindi.

for any job Monday The day is no less than a villain..! On this day after the weekend, the employed people have to return to their work and this day is like going to ‘war’! Believe it or see it by asking, no one likes this day, whether it is a child going to school or there is a big reason in your house, this is the reason why a song has also been made about this day sucking blood, you came sucking blood, bloody Why did bloody Monday come to suck blood…. Well, apart from these, do you know why Monday is called Monday in Hindi?

If you have never thought this, then this tweet of Swiggy going viral will definitely light up your mind and you will also agree completely with all our points. Actually, a tweet of Swiggy is going viral on social media these days. In which Swiggy said – Monday is called Monday in Hindi, because it seems that you are going to some war.

see tweet here

Users are very fond of this tweet of Swiggy. This is the reason that till the time of writing the news, this tweet has got more than 200 likes and 14 retweets. Apart from this, people are giving their feedback by retweeting this tweet.

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People liked this thing. One user commented and wrote, ‘Thankfully the war is over, so Friday is called Friday in Hindi.’ Another user wrote, ‘Every day is a war (challenging)! Another user wrote, ‘The content writer has done wonders’ Apart from this, many other users have given their feedback on this.

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