Surprising live robbery video viral in film style, robber ‘Spider Man’ made phone disappear from moving train in blink of an eye!

thief viral video

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A video of a thief is becoming increasingly viral on social media these days. In which a thief showed the cleanliness of his hands like this. After seeing which everyone is stunned.

You must have read and heard about many strange incidents of theft inside the train, but have you ever seen a thief hitting someone with a speeding train? If not then these days a similar Video Viral Video is going on. In which a thief showed the cleanliness of his hands in such a way that everyone is stunned. It is being told of Begusarai, Bihar, where a young man is sitting on the stairs of the train, watching the view outside the train crossing the river bridge, listening to the song on the ear phone, but the youth between 7 and 8 seconds of the video He is left stunned.

Rising up from the train ladder, he looks here and there, unable to understand anything, only says that he took the phone, but who does not know, because the phone disappears within less than half a second. Because the question arises It is that when the train is running, passing through a bridge over the river, there is no one outside the train, then who robbed this young man’s phone? To understand this incident as fast as it happened, the video will have to be slowed down as much, let us now watch this video in slow motion.

As soon as the train passes by him, he pounces on the young man like Spider-Man and makes the phone disappear in the blink of an eye. And how did it happen? But if you give this video in slow motion then you will be stunned.

Seeing the handiwork and speed of the robber, it is not felt that this is his first incident, but this robber is the first time caught in the spider man robbery camera, like this if you also travel in the train and to make the journey exciting the window or door If you sit near, then be alert that the next victim may be you or someone of your own.

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Although, TV9 Bharatvarsh does not confirm the date and time of this video but this video and the incident captured in it is definitely your alarm bell, our aim is not to scare you or spread rumours, but our purpose is to warn you because being a responsible channel As we are concerned about you and care about the country.

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