Sunil Dutt Death Anniversary: ​​He used to live by getting only 25 rupees, know how the actor decided the journey from Balraj Dutt to Sunil Dutt

death anniversary of sunil dutt

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Today is the 17th death anniversary of actor, director, producer, politician and social worker Sunil Dutt. On this occasion, today we will tell you some special things related to his life.

Sunil Dutt (Sunil Dutt) was such a face of the film industry who used to be a celebrity in his own right. Actor Sunil Dutt, who was counted among the famous and best actors of his time, was a film producer, director as well as a politician. There are few Bollywood actors whose heart is always ready to help people, Sunil Dutt’s name is included in the list of those selected actors. On May 25, 2005, when Sunil Dutt said goodbye to all of us along with the film world, it was as if there was an atmosphere of mourning in everyone’s house. Everyone’s eyes were moist with his death. The memories of the veteran actor are still fresh in the minds of his fans. Sunil Dutt faced all the troubles in his life, after that somewhere he achieved that position by which we all remember him. Today we will talk about how the actor made a different identity by giving a befitting reply to the problems.

There were many difficulties in the life of Sunil Dutt, but he faced them firmly. With his best performance, he won the hearts of crores of fans. By the way, you all must know that behind every successful person, there is an unheard story of the struggle of his life. Something similar happened with Sunil Dutt as well. But even after the fierce struggle, the actor did not give up, perhaps this is the reason why crores of people remember him today.

You hardly know that there was a time when Sunil Dutt also worked in the bus. Yes, when his father died at the age of just 5, the mountain of responsibilities fell on him. In those days Sunil Dutt was doing his studies from Mumbai. The financial condition of Sunil’s house, broken by the death of his father, became very serious. Seeing the money crunch, the actor started working as a conductor in the bus.

Sunil Dutt was also the king of voice

Talking about talent, Sunil Dutt emerged as an artist full of talent and not one. The actor was also known for his excellent voice. The actor, known for his brilliant voice, started getting a chance to play in his college. Meanwhile, once the programming head of the radio came to watch his play in college and was impressed by Sunil’s voice. After which he offered the actor a job as an RJ in radio. At that time Sunil was also in great need of a job, so he accepted his offer without delay.

First salary was Rs.25

After which a new journey of his life started. In the job of RJ, he used to get a salary of 25 rupees. According to the reports, during an interview in the radio, he had a meeting with Nargis. However, during that time both were unaware that they are going to get married later.

Used to take interview as RJ

First of all Sunil had interviewed Nimmi, many big stars like Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand also became his guests and this process continued for months. In this connection, Sunil had to go to the sets of films many times. Meanwhile, one day Sunil Dutt, who came to interview Dilip Kumar, was noticed by director Samesh Sehgal. Impressed by his look and voice, Ramesh asked him to try his luck in films. To which Sunil agreed and immediately gave a screen test wearing Dilip Sahab’s costume. Ramesh liked Sunil’s acting so much that he offered the next film Railway Platform there.

How to take the first step in Bollywood

The actor turned to Bollywood while working in radio and theatre. Since then there has been a tremendous boom in his career. Let us tell you that in the year 1955, he made his debut in Bollywood with the film Railway Platform. With this film, he had stepped into the cinema world, but he got the real identity from the film ‘Mother India’ with Nargis. In the film, Sunil Dutt was seen as the son of his real life wife.

This director changed the name

It was director Ramesh Sehgal who gave Balraj Dutt the screen name Sunil. Actually, at that time Balraj Sahni was already famous in the industry. In such a situation, to avoid confusion, Ramesh changed Sunil’s name from Balraj to Sunil.

Karli Married after Mother India

The two got married in 1958, the next year after the release of Mother India. He had three children from this marriage. AK-47 was found with Sanjay Dutt during the Mumbai Bomb Blast, due to which he was sentenced to jail. Sunil Dutt broke down badly as soon as his son went to jail and was cut off from the people.

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Tried luck in politics too

After a long gap, Sunil Dutt entered politics at the behest of close friend Rajiv Gandhi. In which Parliament was elected 5 times. In an acting career of 48 years, the actor was awarded about 12 awards like Filmfare, National Award, Rajiv Gandhi Award. Sunil was last seen in the role of son Sanjay’s father in the 2003 film Munnabhai MBBS. Sunil Dutt died of a heart attack on 25 May 2005 at his Bandra home.

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