Stunt Video: The man seen jumping on the tall buildings of Mumbai will give goosebumps after watching the video

The boy’s stunt surprised people

Image Credit source: Instagram

Stunt Viral Video: Seeing the way the boy jumps between tall buildings in the video going viral, one should get goosebumps. Netizens are astonished as to how easily the man crossed the huge distance between the two buildings.

If you are active on social media, then you must have seen more than one stunt videos. Some of these stunt videos are so shocking and astonishing that your eyes are left torn apart. there, some stunt Seeing the stunt, your liver comes to the mouth and a scream comes out. Then you see him again and again. In this episode, one such video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, which is from Mumbai. Seeing the way a boy jumps between tall buildings in the video, one’s heartbeat increases. Netizens are astonished as to how easily the man crossed the huge distance between the two buildings. So let’s see this amazing stunt.

In the video going viral, you can see that a boy on the roof of a tall building in Mumbai comes up to the railing showing stunts. After this, it shows through the camera from there how high the building is. You can see that there is another high rise near the building itself. But after seeing the view that comes, one should be stunned. In the video, another boy, while running on the railing of the building, suddenly jumps on the roof of the building in front. For a moment it would seem that this guy is going to go straight down. But the surprising thing is that despite the huge gap between the two buildings, the man easily reaches there by jumping. So let’s see this surprising video.

Watch the boy’s amazing stunt video here

This amazing stunt video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram from a page named parkour_tribe. The user wrote in the caption, ‘Crazy rooftop jump in Mumbai.’ Along with this, it is written that it has been executed by professional athlete Parker, who has more than 14 years of experience in performing such stunts. This video, uploaded a few hours ago, has been liked by more than 2 thousand people so far. At the same time, many people have registered their reactions on the video.

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One user says that even children do this in Dharavi, Mumbai. At the same time, another user has written while commenting in a funny tone, brother, do not trust Indian buildings, do you have to give to know when. At the same time, some users have also given their reaction through emoticons. Overall, the people of social media are quite surprised to see this video.

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