Sri Chaitanya vs Narayana – Which Is Better – Based On the reviews by the Students

Sri Chaitanya vs Narayana - Which Is Better - Read this blog to find out which is the best coaching institute for the IIT JEE Main and NEET coaching.

Sri Chaitanya Vs Narayana for IIT, most of the students are getting confused in choosing one of them. And it’s completely normal to be interested in knowing about these both institutions because their future will be shaped after studying in an Institute and that institute should be best for them. Now, if you have decided to take admission to one of these institutions and can’t figure out which one is better for you then this article is especially for you. 

We know it is quite difficult for you to choose one of them but after reading this article you will get complete knowledge about these both institutions and you would be able to make a better choice. In this article, you will see the comparison of these institutions on the basis of faculty, teachers, preparation during the lockdown, and etc. So, let’s begin with the comparison of faculty. 

Which Has The Best Faculty

Sri Chaitanya has one of the best faculty in India and there is no doubt about it. Its faculty is a major part of its success whenever someone asks students what is the best thing you like in Sri Chaitanya? Students answer very confidently “It’s Faculty”. 

They provide many facilities for the students such as they conduct weekly tests to know about the understanding capability of students. They specially organize classes just to clear the doubts of students so that they don’t have to face any problem while self-studying. 

 Also, they conduct a debate for students on a weekly basis for increasing their critical thinking capability. These are the major things that help the student to grow on a mental level. And there are very few institutes who look out for student’s mental health. 

Now let’s talk about Narayana’s faculty. There are no weekly tests conducted, this is the biggest disadvantage for students because they are not able to check their capability of understanding. Also, they don’t conduct classes for clearing doubts. Narayana’s students face many problems in understanding the concepts. 

Mental Health Preparation

Preparing for a competitive exam can be quite difficult for some students. But, guess what Sri Chaitanya Institute looks out for this also. They know the importance of mental health therefore they conduct special classes for taking care of student’s mental health.

Also, they give importance to physical health. That’s why they have a very flexible time table. Students get enough time to do any physical activity or to play any sport. Looking out for a student’s mental and physical health is a fantastic thing any school or institution can do.

Now let’s talk about Narayana, there is enough time to do any physical activity but there is no one who can take care of the student’s mental health. Most of the students get in pressure because of competitive exams and always, there should be few teachers available who can talk to students and encourage them in a hard time they are suffering from.

They are just giving attention to the preparation of competitive exams. If students are not prepared mentally, they are living in anxiety then how can anyone expect that students will give their 100℅ in exams.

Sri Chaitanya Vs Narayana: Which Is Better For Hostlers

In hostels, one of the most important things is the hygiene of hostels. And there is no chance to raise any question on Sri Chaitanya hostel’s hygiene. The food they serve is completely healthy. The cleaning of rooms happens twice a day. So, if anybody thought that they wouldn’t get a hygienic food and hygiene environment in Sri Chaitanya’s hostel, their doubt should be clear now.

Now let’s talk about Narayana’s hostels. There is no healthy and hygienic food available for students. Food is the basic need for humans and if it is not healthy and hygienic then it is not good for any student.
Narayana hostel’s facilities don’t even stand in front of Sri Chaitanya. Sri Chaitanya facilities are just world-class for students. And students also acknowledge it.

So, this was the review of Sri Chaitanya Vs Narayana. Here you learned about the major things that everyone considers while taking admission to any institution or school. I hope you have got enough knowledge of both institutions. And now you are able to make a perfect decision on your own for sure. Remember, never choose an institute in a hurry. Take your time and choose what’s best for you. Think smart. Be wise. All the best!

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