SpaceX Starlink Tracker 2021: Every single Satellite Launched and Scheduled

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying 60 Starlink satellites lifts off from pad 40 at Cape Canaveral Area Power Station. Paul Hennessy/SOPA Visuals/LightRocket by way of Getty Photos

Very last year, SpaceX launched far more than 800 Starlink satellites as a result of 14 missions, bringing the full number of satellites in small-Earth orbit to above 1,000. The firm also began beta support in various big markets. And that was just the beginning—the Elon Musk-led company has significant ideas for 2021, vying to reach world wide online coverage and increase down load speeds.

Soon after a bumpy begin of the year, marked by regular delays and a landing accident, Starlink launches are at last selecting up speed heading into the spring. SpaceX’s newest batch of 60 Starlink satellites is established to lift off early Wednesday morning. The Falcon 9 rocket carrying the satellites will be the identical booster that sent two NASA astronauts to the Intercontinental Area Station in SpaceX’s historic maiden crewed flight past May.

A further Starlink mission is scheduled for this Saturday and two additional are envisioned ahead of the finish of March.

Wednesday’s flight will be SpaceX’s sixth Starlink mission this calendar year and the 21st Starlink start to day.

Underneath we tracked every single Starlink flight released or scheduled in 2021 so significantly. We will update the listing as a lot more missions are declared. (Verify our 2020 Starlink tracker for previously missions.)

Starlink Missions and Payloads of 2021

Mission v1. L16 on January 20, 2021: 60 Starlink satellites

Mission v1. Tr-1 on January 24, 2021: 10 Starlink satellites have been released as component of Transporter-1 SmallSat Rideshare Mission. It was the initially start of Starlink satellites to polar orbits.

Mission v1. L18 on February 4, 2021: 60 Starlink satellites

Mission v1. L19 on February 16, 2021: 60 Starlink satellites. (SpaceX missing a Falcon 9 booster in the Atlantic Ocean all through the restoration procedure.)

Mission v1. L17 on March 4, 2021: 60 Starlink satellites

Mission v1. L20 on March 10, 2021: 60 Starlink satellites

Mission v1. L21 on March 13, 2021: 60 Starlink satellites

Can You See Starlink Satellites in the Sky?

Early on throughout the Starlink venture, astronomers lifted worries about the satellites’ brightness blocking scientific observations. Amateur star-gazers would generally report observing trains of Starlink satellites crossing the sky shortly after launches.

Additional a short while ago released satellites are not so quick to location, however. Considering that July 2020, SpaceX has geared up each individual Starlink satellite with a sunlight-blocking visor so that they are a lot less seen in the sky.

Every Starlink Mission of 2021: Tracking SpaceX’s Global Satellite Internet Push

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