Someone special has blocked you on WhatsApp! You can unblock yourself using this trick

You can also unblock yourself. Special techniques can be adopted for this.

Even after blocking, you can still chat with the user. You can also unblock yourself (How to Unblock on WhatsApp). For this you have to use this trick.

whatsapp (WhatsApp) It is one of the most used social media platforms at the moment. WhatsApp is specially used to connect with friends, family members, relatives. WhatsApp has also given many features to the users. With these features, you can easily share photos, videos, audio clips with any user. Sometimes your special someone or friend whatsapp on block (WhatsApp Block) Does. Blocking stops the ongoing communication from chatting. But, even after blocking, you can chat with that user. you unblock yourself (How to Unblock on WhatsApp) can also do. For this a special trick can be used.

If a particular friend or partner blocks you on WhatsApp, then there is no need to worry. You can unblock yourself by using some simple tricks.

How to unblock yourself from WhatsApp account

For this, you have to first check that the user has actually blocked you. If you have sent a message and the person in front of you has not got a double tick, then that user has blocked you. To chat again with your particular user or friend, you have to delete your WhatsApp account.

After that you have to sign up by installing WhatsApp again. This process will unblock you automatically. But, delete the WhatsApp account only when you need to talk to the other person. Because it can back up you.

To delete WhatsApp account, first you have to open WhatsApp. After this, going to the ‘Settings’ option, click on Account. At this point you will see the option of ‘Delete My Account’.

Here you have to enter your mobile number along with the country code. When you have completed this step, click on Delete My Account. Then reopen WhatsApp and create an account. You will be able to chat again with the user who blocked you on WhatsApp.

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