Smartphone Battery Life: Along with taking care of yourself, take care of your smartphone as well, increase the battery life of the phone like this

Simple tricks to save battery.

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Battery support is very important in a smartphone. Your smartphone works because of the battery. But with the passage of time, the performance of the battery decreases. So follow these tips to improve the battery life of the phone.

Battery Saving Tips: With the changing times, there has been a lot of change in the design of the smartphone, camera and processor etc. Whereas, if the battery of the smartphone (Smartphone Battery), it is one such place, where some special upgrade has not been found. Nowadays, great battery power is needed to run features like big display, multiple sensors and fast processor. Although some smart fone Coming with fast charging or power mode, but it is not a permanent solution to the battery problem. Therefore, users should pay special attention to the battery of the phone. Here we have brought some tricks for you, by which you can increase the battery life of the phone.

how to extend battery life

There is a “Battery” section in the Settings app of every Android smartphone, where you get options to fix battery problems or save battery. Under this feature, you can select all those apps, which consume more battery. Here you will know which apps or features are draining too much battery, so you can turn them off.

Apart from this, users can also increase the battery life of the smartphone by following these tips.

  1. Users can turn off the GPS and location of the smartphone.
  2. Keep auto brightness on to save battery.
  3. You can shift the screen refresh rate to 60Hz.
  4. Set Auto Screen Time to 30 seconds to save battery.
  5. Users can also close unnecessary apps running in the background.
  6. It is always better to lock the device after 15 seconds of inactivity.
  7. It is better to use dark mode because it consumes less battery of your smartphone.
  8. Try turning off Always On Display.
  9. Don’t forget to turn off Portable Hotspot when not in use.
  10. Features like edge lighting also drain the battery, so you can disable it.

What to do if the battery is bad?

The best solution for this is to replace the battery. Xiaomi recently announced a battery replacement program, whereby customers can buy a new battery by paying just Rs 499. This offer is applicable on both Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones, but the price may vary depending on the device. For the battery of other brands of smartphones, information can be found from its service center.

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