Showing water.. selling liquor, got the notice of the government, know what is the matter

Liquor advertisements have been stopped in the country since 1995, companies have started giving surrogate advertisements to deal with it. Rules have been made strict on these advertisements from June this year.

Liquor companies trapped on surrogate aid

You must also be surprised about some of the advertisements appearing on TV. In these advertisements, the company is seen selling everything except what it wants to sell. However, those who are a little savvy understand what the company wants to sell after all. Actually this is a strategy of companies which companies use to avoid strict rules of advertisements. usually liquor companies Been following it.

Although this will not happen now, in fact the government has tightened the rules and has also started taking action against those who do not follow the rules. The government has issued notices to companies adopting this practice called surrogate aid in technical language.

what is the step of the government

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has issued notices to several liquor companies for surrogate advertisements. These notices have been issued by them for not following the rules of surrogate advertisements. The Economic Times quoted sources as saying that these companies are advertising liquor under the guise of common products.

Liquor advertisements are banned in India. The companies have been given time to respond to this notice. At the same time, the report quoted experts as saying that despite the rules on surrogate advertisements, many big companies are giving such advertisements continuously. At the same time, according to experts, these companies take advantage of some gap between the laws.

Rules have come in June

The Central Consumer Protection Authority, which comes under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, had issued strict rules on surrogate or indirect advertising. The rules came into force with immediate effect. In August itself, the government had asked the industry to strictly follow these rules and warned that strict action would be taken against them if they did not follow them. Although companies are showing such advertisements even after this.

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What is Surrogate Aid

Liquor ads have been stopped in the country since 1995. To deal with this, companies resorted to surrogate or indirect advertising. Companies promote these common products but the aim of the company is that the brand is settled in the minds of the people. So that they remember the brand at the time of purchase of liquor etc. Generally, liquor companies are selling everything from water, soda to music CDs under the brand name of alcohol. However, if we look at the business of the company, then the business of water, soda or music CD or other similar products is negligible in the entire business of the companies. Although the business of liquor under the same brand name is the main business of the company. This shows that the company is giving surrogate aid.

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