Shocking Video: Mother tied her son to a pillar, then rubbed red chili powder in his eyes, he continued to suffer from pain

Telangana Shocking Video: This shocking incident has happened in Nalgonda district of Telangana. Actually, this mother was so fed up with her son’s addiction to ganja that she first tied her son to a pillar. Then put chilli powder in the eyes (Mother Rubbed Chilli Powder in Son’s Eyes).

Mother put red chili powder in son’s eyes to get rid of cannabis addiction in Telangana

Image Credit source: Twitter

In the ‘world of social media’, a video of a mother rubbing red chilli powder on her son’s face has spread like fire. This shocking incident Telangana (Telangana) in Nalgonda district. In fact, this mother got so fed up with her 15-year-old son’s addiction to ganja that she first tied him to a pole. then sprinkle chilli powder in the eyes (Mother Rubbed Chilli Powder in Son’s Eyes) Gave. However, this Video , Shocking VideoBut the opinion of the netizens is divided. Most of the users are blaming the woman’s method of teaching a lesson to the son. People say that it is okay to beat the child to some extent to bring him on the right track, but throwing chilli in the eyes does not seem rational at all. Such things cannot be promoted.

In the video going viral, the young man is seen tied to a pillar. You can see that he is crying bitterly in front of his mother. The woman is holding red chili powder in her hand. She tries to apply it on the son’s eyes. The crying son repeatedly tells him not to do so. But the anger of this mother is at its peak. He is determined to teach a lesson to his drug addict son. You can see that she starts applying chili powder in her son’s eyes. After this another woman comes and holds his hand and the mother throws a handful of chili powder in the eyes of the son. After this the son starts to suffer due to pain. But the mother did not listen. Didn’t even think that his eyes could be harmed.

After tying the son, he rubbed chili powder in the eye like this

The video of this shocking incident has been shared on micro-blogging site Twitter with the handle @IndiaGender. The user wrote in the caption, ‘When a mother in Telangana came to know that her son was addicted to ganja, she tied her son to a pole and rubbed chili powder in his eyes.’ Along with this it is written that child abuse will not improve the children. Doing so will hurt his heart and mind. Many insensitive people think that it is okay and necessary to brutally punish boys.

Many people are continuously registering their feedback on this post. Everyone is blaming the way of women. Commenting on a user, wrote, ‘Sometimes talking does not work. But it turned out to be too much. The child’s eyesight may also go out. At the same time, another user says, ‘I support the beating of children, but putting chili powder in the eyes is absolutely wrong.’ Overall, everyone is talking about the same thing after watching this video.

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