Shocking Video: Leopard hunted by attacking pet dog, heart-wrenching video went viral

Leopard attacked and hunted pet dog

Image Credit source: ANI

This shocking incident is being told of a village in Nashik, Maharashtra. News agency ANI has shared it on its official Twitter handle, which has been seen by millions of people.

Leopard (Leopard) are one of the most dangerous wild animals on earth, which is fine only if they live in the forest, because if they are caught by humans, then they are sure to be killed. Leopards are often seen in zoos, but usually these animals prefer to stay in the forest and hunt different types of animals and fill their stomach. However, sometimes leopards also come to human settlements by mistake, after which it becomes difficult for people to come out of their homes. Sometimes they attack humans and sometimes they make pets their prey. One such thing on social media nowadays video viral ,Viral Video) is happening, which is heart-wrenching. In this video, a leopard is seen entering a residential area and making a pet dog its prey.

In the video you can see that the pet dog is sitting on the railing of the outer wall of the house, only then his eyes fall on the leopard and he runs inside the boundary of the house, but the leopard is trying to attack him from the front. lives. But the dog again runs backwards and tries to escape on the road by jumping from the boundary, but in the meantime the leopard catches him and takes him away by pressing it in his mouth. The incident was caught on CCTV, which soon went viral on social media.

Watch Video:

This shocking incident Maharashtra (Maharashtra) of Nashik (Nashik) is being told of a village. News agency ANI has shared it on its official Twitter handle, which has been seen by millions of people and is also giving different reactions. One user has written that ‘why do people leave their pet dogs outside the house’, while another user has written that the poor dog became the food of the leopard in order to guard the house.

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On this matter, Nashik’s Deputy Conservator of Forests Pankaj Garg (Pankaj Garg) while talking to ANI said that ‘We appeal to the people of Mungsare village to stay indoors, as leopard activity has increased in the area. People need to be alert’.

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