Shocking Video! Babbar lion dragged the man like this, the video that made him stand up went viral

Lion attacked the elderly, people were stunned after watching the video

Image Credit source: Instagram

Lion Attack Video: In a video going viral on social media, an elderly man accidentally goes to the lion’s enclosure. Whatever happens after this, seeing you will also scream. Anyone who has seen this video is shocked.

The law of the jungle is different. The one who won here is Sikandar. Meaning, the one who is powerful here, reigns. As such, there are many dreaded predatory animals living in the forest. But Babbar Lion is a lion after all. If someone gets caught in its clutches, then his work is sure to be completed in seconds. This is the reason why the lion is called the king of the jungle world. In this episode, such a video has surfaced on social media, seeing which one’s heartbeat can increase. Actually, the elderly in the video accidentally lion (Lion Attack Man) goes into the enclosure. Whatever happens after this, seeing you will also scream.

This video going viral is only a few seconds, but seeing this, anyone’s hair should stand up. In the video you can see that an elderly man runs away in fear after seeing something. You will be stunned to see the view that unfolds in the very next moment. A Babbar lion is seen running behind the elderly. As the old man approaches the door of the enclosure, the lion grabs him in his jaw. It sees people outside the enclosure start screaming. You can see that the old man is moaning in pain, but the lion does not stop. He drags her away and takes her away. There is no information about where this video going viral is from. But whoever saw this video is shocked. Here Click to watch video,

This video of the lion attack has been shared on the social media platform Instagram on a page named animalabis. This video, shared a few hours ago, has been viewed thousands of times. Social media users are quite surprised after watching this video. Apart from this, they are reacting to this in their own way.

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Commenting on a user wrote, I do not understand why the person was running slowly. Another user commented and wrote, Oh my God! A very painful accident happened with the elderly. At the same time, some people have also raised the question that what was this old man doing there. Overall, whoever has seen this video is shocked.

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