Shocking: The mysterious light spread from the earth to the sky, the video surprised everyone

This shocking video has been shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma on the social media platform Twitter and told that it is a view of Nagaland, but at the same time he has also written in the caption that ‘Can someone explain? Is that what happened?’.

Mysterious light spread from earth to sky

Image Credit source: Twitter

Nature too many times amazing miracle shows. She gets to see such scenes that anyone is surprised to see them. Seeing such natural scenes, it often comes to mind that definitely some power beyond this earth governs the world. From trees and plants to rivers, lakes, waterfalls, mountains and sky, everything is a priceless gift given by nature. Well, we see all these things in our daily life, but apart from this there are many such things. natural scenery We get to see, which seem quite mysterious. One such thing on social media nowadays Mysterious the viewer video viralEveryone is stunned to see what is happening and is wondering what is this thing after all?

In the video you can see that a thin mysterious light, which looks somewhat like smoke, is spread from the earth to the sky. You must have seen movies with aliens. Many times such scenes are seen in it that such light emanates from the UFO ie aliens plane and in that light the aliens pick up the humans and take them with them. The view seen in the video also looks somewhat similar. However, neither a UFO is visible in it nor is any human being seen going up with the help of light. This means that it is a miracle of nature, which appears for some time and then disappears on its own, but this miracle is very surprising.

Watch the video and tell me what is this?

This shocking video was shared on social media platform Twitter by IPS officer Rupin Sharma (Rupin Sharma) has shared and told that this is a view of Nagaland, but at the same time he has also written in the caption that ‘Can anyone explain what has happened?’. By the way, it looks like a tornado and users are also pointing in this direction.

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