SHOCKING! A man was seen playing with a python, in the end something like this happened on life, watch video

On hearing the name of the snake, the condition of many people becomes thin. Actually, if this creature bites someone, then he can also die. But still people do not understand this and play with this poisonous creature.

man playing with snake

Image Credit source: Instagram/nickthewrangler

No matter what snakes, humans should stay away from them because it is very difficult to say when it becomes your victim. Actually, if this creature bites someone, then it can also die. This is the reason why even human beings, even the most dreaded animals consider themselves good in staying away from it. But don’t know what kind of worm is there to show tashanbaji within people. Because of which these people put their lives at risk. We got to see something similar these days.

In the video, a boy is seen with a python in his hand. The snake also looks very long and dangerous. But this boy is seen playing with her fearlessly. Seeing this action of the person, the python gets very angry and he does not attack him but gives him such punishment. Which he will remember for the rest of his life.

Watch amazing video here

In the video going viral, you can see that a man is seen playing with a python wrapped around his neck. At the same time, the python is also seen trying every trick to strangle the person, as soon as the python hits its cap on the person’s head, he opens his mouth in anger but the person does not handle it, he continues to play with him. At the same time, the python is constantly trying every trick to snatch the person’s throat. And for a moment it seems that the person is suffocating due to the grip of the dragon and then he leaves it.

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This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named nickthewrangler. While more than eight thousand people have liked this video, lakhs of people have watched this video and are giving their feedback by commenting. One user has written while commenting, this is madness. The dragon knows how to fasten and he will do the same. At the same time, another user has wondered and questioned what will be gained by doing this. Why are you doing this brother?

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