Seeing this scene of ‘Sindoor Varsha’, you will also forget all the rules of physics, watching the video, people said – what is this? Who sees all this?

No one can compete with the TV shows we see. As many logicless and funny scenes are seen in our TV serials, you must have ever seen them in any show. Something similar is going viral in recent times as well.

Unique way to apply sindoor (Image: Snap From twitter)

The world of the Internet is such, no one knows anything about when, what and what goes viral here. In such a situation, there is something special in this world that the public likes. These days the TV serial ‘Thapki Pyaar Ki 2’ (Thapki Pyar Ki-2a scene of social media But it is going viral indiscriminately. After seeing this, users are registering quite a lot of funny reactions. Actually, there is something in the video clip, which people are enjoying a lot by seeing. Because brother… you all must have heard about ‘Pushp Varsha’, but in this scene people are having a lot of fun seeing ‘Sindoor Varsha’.

In the video going viral, you can see that one drops the battery (cell) with his hands, on which the foot of an elderly woman falls, due to which she slips. During this, she hits her hand on the plate kept in the hand of a woman standing nearby, due to which the plate jumps in the air, in which all the items and vermilion are scattered here and there in the air. During this, a woman says that now there will be vermilion rain. After hearing this, the woman with the red pair stands side by side and stands in her place. So that the vermilion of the plate falls on it. But the red couple woman comes into action and pushes her back to her place and vermilion is applied to her.

watch this video

This funny video has been shared by the account named @lostboyinthesky. With which he wrote the caption, ‘Advanced technique of applying vermilion in 2022.’ Till the time of writing the news, this video has got more than 3 lakh 90 thousand views. Along with this, people are giving their own reaction on this video.

After watching the video, people are giving their feedback. One user wrote that it is very creative. I had never seen like this before. At the same time, another user wrote, ‘It seems that the serial people have forgotten all the rules of physics. Another user wrote – What is this? Who sees all this? Where do these people come from? Similarly, people have made funny and sarcastic comments.

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