Seeing the time table going viral, your mind will be baffled, people made funny comments after seeing the picture

To control a 6-year-old child, his father has prepared a good time table. Seeing this, the heads of good people will spin. Along with this, a special offer has been given in this time table to entice the child.

Dhansu time table prepared for the child (Image: Snap From Twiiter)

Parents find many ways to keep their children under control. While some parents resort to strictness to control their children, some parents make such deals with children which are beneficial for the children as well as for their parents, these days also social media (Social Media) but on a similar time-table (Time Table) snap picture fast viral is happening. In which a father has adopted a solid method to control his son. Along with this, a special offer has been given in this time table to entice the child.

If you look at this time table that is going viral, then the imagination of a student like a poet who is really preparing is amazing. The time table is so tight that the mind of a person is baffled because it is an agreement along with the time table. This smart way of a father has to be accepted, in which he used such a smart mind to control the 6-year-old son.

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In the picture going viral, you can see that looking at the picture, it is revealed that a father has prepared a time table with the consent of the child, which includes sleeping, waking up, playing, eating and drinking. Not only this, the funny thing is that if he spends the whole day without crying, shouting, breaking and breaking, then he will also get 10 rupees. Apart from this, if you spend 7 consecutive days like this, you will get 100 rupees. Now this picture has gone viral.

This time table agreement has been shared on Twitter by a user named @Batla_G. On which people are giving their own reactions through funny comments. Commenting on the picture, a user wrote, ‘It will not last more than a week. While the other wrote, ‘According to the child, this time table is really right, just let the child follow it.’ Another user wrote, ‘The father seems to have got this agreement prepared after a strong deal.’ Apart from this, many other users made this funny comment.

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