Seeing the ninja technique of breaking coconut, people said – the power of the lift is being misused

This ninja technique video of breaking coconut has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @Gulzar_sahab and in a joking manner, it is written in the caption, ‘The powers of the lift are being misused’.

Have you ever seen such a ninja technique to break a coconut?

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You Coconut So they must have eaten. This superfood is considered very beneficial. Health experts say that it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, which are helpful in preventing various types of infections. as well as immunity also strengthen. By the way, almost everyone likes to eat coconut, but breaking it often worsens the condition of people. Actually, the coconut shell is so hard that it is not in everyone’s capability to break it, but social media but nowadays a video viral This is happening, in which such a ninja technique has been adopted to break the coconut that seeing this you will definitely say that this is a great idea.

Actually, in this video, breaking coconut is shown with the help of lift. You must have seen different methods of breaking coconut. Some break it by hitting it with a stone, while some dry it in the sun and remove the hard shell of the coconut with a sharp object, but you have hardly seen such a wonderful trick before. In the video you can see that a coconut tied in polythene has been kept at the door of the lift. After this the door of the lift closes and the lift starts moving upwards, along with which the coconut also starts rising upwards. Then as soon as the coconut reaches the top of the lift door, it breaks and splits into 2-3 pieces. Have you ever used this trick to break a coconut?

See this ninja technique to break coconut

This funny video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @Gulzar_sahab and in a funny way it is written in the caption, ‘Lift’s powers are being misused’. This video of just 8 seconds has been viewed more than 13 thousand times so far, while hundreds of people have also liked the video.

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At the same time, people have also given various funny reactions after watching the video. One user has written that ‘what is this way of breaking coconut’, while another user has written that ‘I first thought it was a snail’.

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