Scooter driver narrowly saved after being hit by bus, will be surprised to see viral video

The incident took place on the Eliyar Padavu Road in Mangaluru, Karnataka. Where a young man driving a scooty at a high speed narrowly escaped being hit by a bus. Its video has now gone viral on social media.

Young man narrowly saved after being hit by bus

Thousands of road accidents in the country every day (Road Accidents) are there. Some of these people are victims of painful accidents, then some people have good luck and they survive equally. By the way, in most of these accidents, people ignore the traffic rules. Recently, Mangaluru (Karnataka)Mangalore) I saw something similar. Whose video is now on social media viral It is done. In the video you can see that the young man driving the scooty at a high speed narrowly escaped after being hit by the bus. Anyone can panic for a moment after watching this video.

The incident took place on the Eliyar Padavu Road in Mangaluru. Please note that this road is not a very busy road. Last Tuesday evening, a private bus was going from Mangaluru to Eliyar Padavu. There were not many vehicles on the road at that time. After reaching his destination, the bus driver suddenly took a U-turn. During this, he could not see the scooter driver coming from the other side at high speed. In the video, you can see how the scooter manages to escape from being hit by a bus. However, not everyone’s luck is so good. The video of this entire incident was captured in CCTV. Now this footage is going viral on social media.

See how the scooter driver survived in the video

This video is only 15 seconds, but everyone is surprised to see it. After watching this video, a user has written that Mangaluru’s Eliyar Padavu Road is not such a busy road. But still this sight is astonishing.

This video has been shared on Twitter with an account named Mangalore City. The user wrote in the caption, A scooter rider in Mangaluru miraculously survived being hit by a bus. However, during this time the scooter rider loses control and his scooter collides with the door of a fish processing unit present there. Thankfully, the scooter rider was not hurt much.

The public was impressed after seeing the ‘desi jugaad’ of the auto wala brother, watching the video, people said – Wow! what a scene

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