Scientists have revealed the secret of millions of years of Ram Setu, after all, why did the stones named Ram float on the water?

Information about Ramayan’s Raat Setu:- Friends, all of you will be well acquainted with the story of Ramayana. In this story, during the war of Ramayana, you must have also heard about its Ram Setu bridge, the story behind the construction of which begins with Ravana kidnapping Mother Sita, then the sea to go to Lanka to the army of Lord Shri Ram. This bridge had to be built in AD, in which the work of building the bridge was done by two monkeys, Nal and Neel, together with the whole army. In which, after writing the name of Shri Ram on the stones used for the bridge, these stones started floating in the sea, which till today was a scientific mystery that how stones can float in water? Whose secret has now been found out by the scientists, so let’s know what is the secret of millions of years of Ram Setu.

Scientists have revealed the secret of millions of years of Ram Setu

A very important role is seen in the popular story of Ramayana, this bridge was built in 5 days by the Vanar Sena, which is believed to have a length of 30 km and a width of 3 km. Instead of sinking the stones used in the construction of this bridge, on the basis of religious beliefs behind their swimming, it is believed that due to the name of Shri Ram in these stones, these stones started floating in the water, but for a long time these stones started floating in the water. Scientists from all over the world doing research have revealed the real reason behind the swimming of these stones in the research of modern science, know what is the scientific reason behind these stones.

Know why the stones named Ram used to float on the water

In the research done by the scientists behind the floating of the Ram Setu stones, it has been found that the stones used in the bridge are very special types of stones made from lava emanating from the volcano. Pumice Stone is known as. Very different in size and lighter in weight than other stones, these stones are formed by the mixing of cold and low temperature hot air and water present in the atmosphere of hot lava emanating from the volcano, which causes these stones to form. There are many holes and it starts looking like a sponge, due to the holes made in these stones, they make these stones lighter in water, so that they do not sink in water, this is the real scientific secret of these stones floating.

The discovery of this mystery behind the stones used in the construction of this bridge has emerged as a big achievement for the scientists, which the scientists trying to find out for many years have finally figured it out, so that only religious beliefs Apart from having faith in it, now people will be able to know its modern scientific reason.

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