SBI account holders be alert, fraudsters adopted this new method to clear the account

According to the information, messages are coming in the name of SBI to many account holders of SBI. The government has asked customers to be alert about these messages.

SBI account holders stay alert

If you are an account holder of State Bank of India then this news is for you only. In fact, fraudsters are now using a new method to loot the hard earned money of the common people. in which he SB I Trying to steal your information by sending a message in the name of. Which they are using to clear people’s accounts. Next we are telling you about this new way of fraudsters so that you can be careful about such messages and save your money.

What is the new way of fraudsters

PIB’s fact check team recently gave information about one such message and said that it is fake. In fact, in the message, the fraudsters have asked the account holders to provide PAN information to update or reactivate their YONO account. PIB has said that this is a fake message. Many account holders of State Bank are getting such messages. In which it is said that the YONO account of the account holders has been de-activated. If you want to activate it again then send the details of PAN. A link is also being sent with this message, asking hackers or fraudsters to send information on this link to the account holders. If you click on this link, keep in mind that important information about your account will reach the hacker and your account will be empty.

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What to do to avoid fraud

If your YONO account is not working, then directly reach the bank branch and get further information. The easiest way to avoid fraud is to never click on that link. If there is any confusion then contact the bank without any hesitation. If you have received a phone call in the name of a bank officer, do not share any of your information with him. Banks clearly say that banks never call the customer and ask for his information. That is, with a little caution, you can avoid these fraudsters.

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