Sab Satrangi: Sab Satrangi’s villain Manika Mehrotra sweated a lot for this character, know what she had to say

Manika Mehrotra sweats a lot for this character

Actress Manika Mehrotra says that she considers herself very lucky that people are liking her work. She hopes that whatever character I play, she continues to entertain everyone through her.

all in sarangi Manika Mehrotra (Manika Mehrotra) has been entered once again. She is playing the role of villain in this serial. Talking about this character, he said that at first, I did not think at all that it would be so difficult to play a negative character. Although, I believe that no person is completely good and completely bad, but still I had to work hard to play a negative character. I have sweated a lot for this character.

Talking about her character “Shweta”, Manika says that Shweta’s feelings change over time, she is often confused about what she wants and reacts accordingly. For example, she has suddenly fallen in love with Mannu, whereas earlier she did not feel anything like that for him. And it will come as no surprise that one day suddenly he wakes up and decides to devote all his energy to some different things and to a different person.

New twist will come in the story

Talking about the upcoming twist in the serial, he said that we are working hard to entertain the audience to the fullest and Shweta’s re-entry is one such attempt to keep her engaged with the show. Since, my character is very unpredictable, we are having a lot of fun showing new and interesting stories written for him. Shweta’s character is full of surprises and the audience will not be able to guess what her different move is going to be.

Manika is very different from Shweta in real life

However, Manika says that there is a huge difference between her character and her personality. Shweta is unpredictable and fickle minded. He has challenged Don Daddy of Lucknow. I have to think twice before doing anything like him and sometimes this is what makes this character easy to play. I can only imagine doing such a thing in real life. I see a new side of the character every day and I really hope that I will be able to play it well on screen and the audience can see it on screen.

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