Rupali Ganuguly Lifestyle: Rupali Ganguly’s lifestyle is very different from Anupama’s, know how much the actress earns

Even though Anupama’s tears are winning the hearts of the audience, but in real life, TV actress Rupali Ganguly is a very cheerful and positive personality. So let’s take a look at his lifestyle.

Rupali Ganguly’s lifestyle is very different from Anupama’s

Rupali Ganguly is in a lot of discussion these days about her TV serial ‘Anupama’, the innocent person of TV. Anupama Today it has made its place in every household. However, in her real life, Rupali is completely different from Anupama. All the fans are curious to know about the lifestyle of the actors who entertain them on TV with their favorite characters. So let’s take a look at the lifestyle of TV’s most favorite daughter-in-law, Rupali Ganguly,

Rupali Ganguly is the highest paid actress of TV

According to media reports, the net worth of Rupali Ganguly is somewhere between 18 to 20 crores. This TV actress is one of the highest paid actresses of the TV industry. Initially, Rupali Ganguly used to charge between 65 to 70 thousand for a day’s shoot of Anupama. Now after Anupama became a superhit, her fees have been increased to about 1 lakh. Rupali has a luxurious house in Mumbai and she also has her own wealthy vehicles. Rupali Ganguly has a luxurious house in Mumbai and she also has luxurious cars.

Here are some pictures of Rupali Ganguly

Anupama actress Rupali Ganguly, who went against her husband on TV, married her best friend in real life, her husband Ashwin has always stood by her as a strength in every trouble. Today Rupali’s husband Ashwin K Verma is a businessman, there was a time when he was an advertisement film maker. During an ad shoot, he met Rupali Ganguly, first the two became friends and then this friendship turned into love. Till now Rupali has attracted a lot of audience from many shows. Entertainment has done.

Rupali Ganguly’s husband shifted from America to Mumbai due to love

Initially Ashwin K Verma was the VP of an international insurance company and lived in the US, but, as Ashwin and Rupali started thinking about their future planning and marriage, Ashwin decided to live with his love and marry her. To do this, he left his job abroad and settled in India forever.

Rupali was trolled after gaining weight

In 2015, their son Rudransh was born in the world of Rupali and Ashwin, after the birth of the son, Rupali had gained a lot of weight and for this people started trolling her. But, Ashwin stood by her and helped her a lot in bringing Rupali back to her pre-pregnancy shape.

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