Record breaking sales of Tata cars, biggest monthly sale ever, electric vehicles also dominated

For the first time, Tata has sold so much in a month. In July 2022, the company has performed well in every segment. This time Tata has achieved a growth rate of 51 percent as compared to July last year. Here see how many units Tata has sold in July 2022.

Indian automobile company Tata Motors has performed brilliantly in July 2022. The company has set many sales records in the last month. July 2022 proved to be very lucky for Tata. In July company Has recorded the biggest monthly sales ever. Tata has sold a total of 81,790 units in the domestic market last month. The largest share in the total sales was of SUV cars. Cars like Tata Nexon, Tigor and Punch have contributed well to this performance. At the same time, Tata has also sold the highest ever CNG car. Here are some things related to Tata’s record breaking sales.

Highest sales in a month

Tata’s biggest feat was the biggest monthly sale ever. For the first time, the company has sold so many cars in a month. In July 2022, Tata has sold a total of 47,505 units. If seen, the company has registered a growth of 57 percent this time. Cars like Tata Nexon, Tigor and Punch contributed well.

biggest sale of cng car

Apart from fuel based cars, Tata has also sold CNG cars fiercely. Last month, the company sold a total of 5,293 CNG cars. This figure is special because Tata has not sold so many CNG cars in any month till date. This is the biggest monthly sale of Tata CNG.

Largest share of SUVs in total sales

The SUV market in the country is continuously growing. A big proof of this is proved by the sales figures of Tata. Tata has registered a growth of 105 per cent in SUV sales in July this year as compared to July 2021. SUV cars account for 64 percent of Tata’s total sales.

best selling of tata punch

Tata Motors launched Tata Punch on 18 October 2021. Since then the biggest increase in sales of Tata Punch was seen in July 2022. A total of 11,007 units of Tata Punch have been sold last month. Tata has not sold this much of Punch in any month till date.

Electric car sales highest monthly

Tata’s electric cars are also not far behind. Nexon and Tigor are currently available in Tata’s electric lineup. In July 2022, Tata has sold a total of 4,022 units of them. Tata has never made such a huge sale in a single month in the history of electric cars.

Most sales of Tigor

Tata Tigor is the company’s popular sedan car. Tata launched it in March 2017. Apart from SUV, Tata’s sedan car has also had a good sale. The company has sold a total of 5,433 units of Tigor in July 2022. Before this Tata Tigor has not sold so much.

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