Public got angry after watching this video of Coffin Prank, see what happened to the women

The video of the coffin prank has been shared on Twitter with the handle @LovePower_page. The user has given the caption, What a Prank. However, some users are furious after seeing this video. People say that it can even kill someone.

Coffin prank people are furious after watching this video

Image Credit source: Twitter/@LovePower_page

social media But you have more fun than one prank videos Will get to see. This is the reason that nowadays the trend of pranks has increased a lot. But in the guise of fun, some people have also started doing such pranks, due to which people’s lives are at risk. Now just watch this video which is going viral. some bad people in it the coffin Let’s try to have fun with the people coming and going in the lift, but after that you can see for yourself in this video what happens to the people.

The video going viral begins with a lift. In which two women are seen leaving. Meanwhile, three men come there with a huge coffin and leave after keeping it in the lift. They tell the woman that they have forgotten something, about which they are fighting. But by then the lift door closes and the lift starts moving. During this, women seem quite nervous. In the next moment in the video, the door of the coffin opens and the dead body (the fourth prankster) comes out. On seeing this, the women get so scared of fear that they start screaming loudly.

Watch the video of the coffin prank here

This prank video has been shared on Twitter with the handle @LovePower_page. The user has given the caption, what a prank. However, some users are furious after seeing this video. It doesn’t look funny from any angle. People can also get heart attack due to such pranks. At the same time, many people have found it so funny that they are laughing.

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One user has written, at least the age of the women would have been taken care of. I didn’t like this prank at all. Someone’s life can also be lost by this act. At the same time, another user has written, this is a heart attack prank brother. Don’t do this to anyone. Another user has written, the sound of unnecessary laughter in the background causes headache.

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