Prank Video: The son did such a prank with the mother, watching the video the public bidding of the Internet – today it is not good

son pranks mother

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A prank video related to mother-son is going viral on social media. In which the son very cleverly rubs the cake on the mother’s face. Some people have found this video quite funny, while some are very angry after watching it.

More than one funny prank videos on social media.Prank Videos) keep going viral. Some of these are laughable and tickling, and you are also surprised to see some videos. At present, a prank video related to mother-son is on social media (Son Prank on Mother) is going viral very fast. In which the son cleverly rubs cake on her face, diverting the attention of the mother. some people it prank ,Prank) Looks quite funny, so some people are quite furious after seeing it. People say that this kind of behavior in the name of content is not right. At the same time, those who have found this video funny, say that today this boy is not well.

In the video going viral, you can see that a woman is sitting near the table and watching something on her mobile. Then a boy, who is probably the son of the woman, comes near and tries to show him something with a lighter. You can see that the woman has completely focused herself on the lighter. After this, the son very cleverly moves the lighter upwards and then, diverting the attention of his mother, rubs the cake on her mouth at once. During this, the reaction of the woman is worth seeing. So let’s watch this video first.

Watch son’s prank video here

This prank video has been shared on micro-blogging site Twitter with an account named @ViralPosts5. This video, shared on April 24, has been viewed 1 lakh 49 thousand times so far. However, some people did not like this video. People say that if this woman is the boy’s mother or aunt, then it is absolutely wrong behavior. Especially doing this just to create content will not be tolerated at all.

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At the same time, some people are reacting to this in a funny way too. Commenting on a user, wrote, ‘Today this boy has gone to work.’ At the same time, another user commented and wrote, Oh… it has acted like inviting death, today it is not good. Similarly, many more people have lodged a response.

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