Posted bikini photos on social media to ask for jobs, job offers started coming!

A woman living in Britain has adopted such a strange way to ask for a job, due to which people have started trolling her. To ask for a job, she put her bikini photo on social media, after which people started trolling her.

Posted bikini photo on social media to ask for job

Image Credit source: Facebook/Teddie Swan

There was a time when people had to email companies or wander from door to door carrying CVs for jobs, but since the advent of social media, the practice of all these things has almost ended. now either people linkedin Applying for jobs with the help of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media Looking for jobs through platforms. By the way, there is also a way to ask for a job. People send their picture and job details along with their CV like a professional, but Britain a woman of kinda weird The method has been adopted, due to which people have started trolling him.

Actually, the woman put her bikini photo on social media to ask for a job. According to the report of Daily Star, the woman’s name is Teddy Swan and she is only 24 years old. She had been working as a waitress in a bar for the past 6 weeks, but is now looking for another job. For this, she put her bikini picture on Facebook and wrote, ‘I am looking for a new job in the new year. I can go anywhere for job. I have my own car. I have previously worked as a pharmacy, retail, childcare nurse and ambulance driver.

Teddy Swan is a backpacker

According to the Daily Star, Teddy Swan is a backpacker. In fact, in many countries including India these days this new mode of travel is very popular, which is called backpacking. In this, people pack all their belongings in a big bag and carry it on their back and go on a journey to different countries cheaply. They stay in cheap hotels or lodges. Presently Teddy is on a trip to Australia and she is working one at a time to meet her expenses there.

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Jobs offers started coming

As soon as she posted her bikini photo on Facebook for a new job, people started trolling her. Some are saying that it is not right to share such pictures for jobs, while some are saying that if they were looking for a job, they would never have shared pictures in bikini. However, Teddy does not mind these things of the people. She says that she herself would not want to work with such people, who do not want to give jobs after seeing her clothes. She says that she is getting job offers, now she has to decide where she wants to work.

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