PM LED Bulb Scheme: Government is giving LED bulb for 10 rupees, know how to get it

PM LED Bulb Scheme: Under the Ujala scheme, LED bulbs will be distributed in rural areas across the country for just Rs.10. PM LED Bulb Scheme has been started for the rural citizens of the country. How will you be able to apply for LED bulb in only 10 rupees and who will be eligible for the application. Here we are going to give you complete information related to PM LED scheme.

Government giving LED bulb for 10 rupees

Prime Minister LED Bulb Scheme Very cheap rate only to the villagers of the country under 10 rupees LED bulbs are distributed in No subsidy is received under this scheme, only LED facility is being provided at the lowest rates. The bulbs given under this scheme will cost less electricity than before. Through this scheme, the village will also have lights all around. Under this scheme, bulbs will be distributed to all the villagers of the country.

purchase of LED

For PM LED Scheme 70 mil led 12 watt And 30 mil led 7 watt Bulbs will be purchased. the cost of this scheme 50 percent Part CESL and Syska and the balance will be borne by 50 percent Part of the cost will be generated from carbon credits, revenue and opportunity to participate in nation building. In every village across the country only 10 rupees LED bulbs will be sold at Rs.

Required documents

To be distributed by the government to the applicants LED bulb in just Rs.10 Some necessary documents will be required to apply. These documents are as follows –

  • applicant’s aadhar card
  • proof of address
  • passport size photo
  • mobile number

what is the advantage

here we you Government is giving LED bulb in just 10 rupees Under the Prime Minister’s LED Scheme. Do you know what are the benefits of this scheme? The benefits of this scheme are –

  • Let us tell you that compared to other bulbs, LED bulbs will cost less electricity, or simply say – electricity will be saved.
  • LED bulbs will be distributed to the citizens of rural areas.
  • Under the scheme, 30 lakh LED bulbs of 7 watts and 70 lakh LED bulbs of 12 watts will be purchased.
  • Very cheap LED bulbs are being made available under this scheme.

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