Planning to open a startup? Learn how government MAARG will help

These days a wave of entrepreneurship is being seen in the country. Many startups are opening one after the other, so if you have also made up your mind to open a startup, then the government has created MAARG Portal to help you in every way. Learn how it will help…

If you want to make startup, then know about Marg portal

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Indian Startup (Indian startup) Today the sting is ringing all over the world. Where one after the other unicorn startup in our country (Unicorn Startup) While the number of startups is increasing, we have a global ranking of 3 in terms of startup ecosystem. Now to maintain this entrepreneurship moment, the government has MAARG Portal has made. This portal will help people at every difficult point in the way of building a successful startup, so let’s know about MAARG in detail.

What is the meaning of MAARG?

The government wants to help you in every possible way in making a good startup, so it has created the MAARG Portal. These are the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, working under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. (DPIIT) is the national mentorship platform of ye startup india (Startup India) is only part of. On Wednesday, the government has started registration on the MAARG portal and has invited applications from startups.

If you decode the name MAARG, then in this m means mentorship, A means advisory, another A means assistance, R means resilience and G Means growth. That is, if you understand all these together, then the government will pave the way for you from starting a startup to taking it forward and later showing the path of progress.

MAARG Portal will help in this way

With the help of MAARG Portal, Startups will be able to better connect with Academics, Industry Experts, Successful Startup Founders, Investors. Not only this, they will also get a chance to connect with world level advisors and experts. MAARG Portal is going to work in three phases.

The government has completed the first phase of the MAARG portal. Under this, it has onboarded more than 400 experts from different sectors on this portal. Now the government is going to start its second phase, in which it is going to connect startups across the country with this portal.

In the last phase, mentors and startups will be connected. After this, work will be done on the meaning of MAARG. With this, the onboarded startups will get a chance to make their idea successful by associating with their respective sectors. Startups and experts will be matched with the help of artificial intelligence.

Even now new startups are being registered continuously in the country. According to government data, there are currently more than 82,000 valid startups in India. Out of this, the number of unicorns has also reached around 107.

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English Headline: How MAARG Portal will help to build a successful startup Govt ask for applications.

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