Pakistan thinking of spreading jihad by the seas, Navy says ‘let them come we will see them’

Pakistan has been half-mad since the withdrawal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and the imposition of Jammu and Kashmir into a Union Territory. And the Imran Khan government is taking one wrong step after another for this madness. Imran Sarkar stopped the bus service from Delhi to Lahore.

Pakistan has ceased to do business with India since it did not stop. But every step of Pakistan is like beating yourself up in your feet. The Pakistani market has been on fire since the close of business with India. That is why the whole of Pakistan has collapsed financially, and after this decision, the people of Pakistan are now taking to the streets against the Pakistan government. Imran Khan’s voices are now up in the alley in Pakistan.

Pakistan has been on the brink of invading India along the maritime road following a reversal in Pakistan. Pakistani militant groups are training their militants to carry out the attack. And that’s why the Indian Navy announced on Saturday that they were fully prepared. Let them come, we’ll see.

The Navy said they were prepared to face any danger that came along the maritime road and to deal with that danger. Deputy Chief of the Navy, Muralidhar, said that the security on the coast has been enhanced. If anyone comes to attack India by sea route, they will be seen.

Sources on Saturday reported that Pakistani militant groups were training their cadres for major terrorist attacks. The ground troops, air force and navy have been asked to be on guard for such potential terrorist attacks.

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