Optical Illusion: Tell where the snake is hiding in 7 seconds, 99% could not find it

This picture with optical illusion has shaken the strings of the minds of the netizens. Actually, a snake is hidden in the meadow in the picture, which even people with eagle-like eyes cannot see even after all the efforts.

So did you see the snake?

Image Credit source: Million Glitters

on social media optical illusion One such picture has come out, which has shaken the strings of the minds of the netizens. Actually, in the viral picture, there is a man in the meadow. snake It is hidden, which people are not able to find even after searching. It is being claimed that 99 percent of the internet population has failed to find this snake. So if you have an eagle’s eye, then you will find the hidden snake in a pinch. But hold on. You only have 7 seconds to complete this challenge. Then what is the delay, run your eagle-like eyes and tell where is that snake?

If you understand optical illusion in simple words, then it means deception of eyes. For example, the things that we see in the picture are not actually there. And the challenge is given to find that which is not easily visible. That is why, such pictures often curd the minds of netizens. Now just look at this picture that is going viral. It’s daylight. There is a meadow. A poisonous snake is also hidden in this picture, but it is not easily visible to everyone. So can you find this hidden snake? If you accept the challenge, the condition is that you must find it within 7 seconds. So let’s see how sharp your eyesight is?

Did you see the snake?

By the way, only a person with extraordinary observation skills can see the snake within 7 seconds. So are you one of them too? So your time starts now.

We hope you have found the snake by now. At the same time, for those who have given up on this challenge of finding a snake, below we are sharing another picture where we have told in the red circle where that snake is hiding in the grass field.

snake is hiding here

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